Criminal Law · October 16, 2021

Qualities to Look for When Choosing A Criminal Defense Attorney

If you have been arrested and are facing a criminal charge, you are likely feeling tremendous stress and anxiety. Criminal law cases that result in a felony conviction could lead to a prison sentence, while misdemeanor convictions can result in time in the county jail, fines, probation, and other penalties. What’s more, a criminal conviction can hurt your reputation and pop up during routine background checks when applying for jobs, requiring the need for a Carmel expungement lawyer. When you hire an attorney for legal representation during the case, it is critical to both the immediate outcome of your criminal case and your future.

Criminal Law Experience

You should hire a criminal defense attorney who is professional with a great track record when it comes to defending criminal cases. Criminal defense is subject to frequent changes from the local, state, and federal levels, so consistent success from your criminal attorney will indicate an ability to adjust to and address the frequent changes in the criminal code.

Choosing A Criminal Defense Attorney


Finding an attorney is easier if you get a recommendation. It makes sense to reach out to family and friends who have had success with a criminal defense attorney in their past. Also, there are many online resources and legal directories where individuals share their past experiences and evaluate their attorney’s performance.

Peer Endorsements from Another Criminal Lawyer

Ask an attorney you trust for recommendations. Your attorney will more than likely know of a colleague that they respect that specializes in the field of criminal defense law. Also, you can also seek out an attorney who has received awards from both local and regional legal associations.

Trial Experience

It is important to inquire about a potential lawyer’s past experience with criminal trials. Though many criminal cases are resolved in pre-trial negotiations and plea agreements, you will want a lawyer who is prepared to proceed with a trial if necessary, to avoid a potential criminal conviction.

A Criminal Defense Attorney

Familiarity with the Court

Criminal defense attorneys may spend a great deal of time in the courts in their area. Such attorneys will likely become familiar with the prosecutors and judges at certain courts. This familiarity affords them knowledge of their attitudes and tendencies in negotiations and sentencing in criminal cases.


Hire an Indiana defense attorney is  confident in their approach to handling your case. Look for a criminal defense attorney should be able to clearly outline each and every one of the steps that will occur during the case and present a specific defense strategy to you.


A responsive criminal defense attorney is key to promoting success in your case. You owe it to yourself to retain a defense attorney that will give your case the attention that you and the case deserve.

Familiarity with the Court

When it Comes Time to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Are you currently facing a legal dilemma where your very freedom is at risk? You need to contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. When it comes to the criminal justice system time is of the essence. Call a criminal defense attorney at 317-648-2883