Family Law · March 23, 2021

What is an Estate Planning Attorney?

As much as you would not ask a heart surgeon to do heart surgery, you should not expect your estate planner to understand how to properly plan out your estate. After all, your financial planner will likely have many attorneys that he or she regularly works with and recommend. In turn, an estate planning attorney is exactly what it sounds like an attorney who specifically specializes in managing estate assets.


As you are probably already well aware, an estate planner is someone that will be involved in everything from who makes the funeral arrangements to which charities will be in charge of holding the funeral. He or she will also be in charge of who gets the family assets during the time of your life that you do not even own. Even though your spouse may have been the primary caregiver, a financial advisor cannot be trusted enough not to put their own family members ahead of the needs of the victim’s dependents. A great way to avoid this conflict of interest is to simply hire your own estate planner as opposed to hiring a financial advisor who will advise you to use the state’s insurance policy as a way to protect your assets. With an estate planner on your side, you can rest assured that no one will be able to take advantage of you while you are alive or take your money when you pass on. This is because your attorney will be the one who will be looking out for your best interests.


Unfortunately, not everyone thinks the same way as a financial advisor or estate planner. It has been said that attorneys often become the “go-between” when two people need to negotiate a deal. If you ever needed this type of relationship with a person who would be representing you, then you need to make sure that you find an estate planning attorney who is willing to work on your behalf. The attorney should not only be knowledgeable, and trustworthy, but they should also be understanding. Remember, it is important to be able to communicate effectively when working with any professional. If you find yourself running out of words to say, just remember that there are plenty of professionals out there who have been through similar situations just like you.


In some cases, you may come across a situation where you will need the services of an estate planning attorney. When this occurs, you will want to make sure that you have a list of questions that you would like answers to. One question that you should ask is whether or not your insurance policy covers your dependent’s needs. Many insurance policies will not cover the needs of children or spouses.


Another question that you will want to ask is what your legal standing is regarding your current finances. If you are in a situation where you could possibly pass away, it is wise to have a qualified financial advisor on your side. Keep in mind, when you are working with a financial advisor, you are sharing information with them about your family’s history as well as other personal information. For this reason, you will need to be very honest with the financial advisor. An estate planning attorney will be able to assist you with creating a proper plan of action that takes care of your future, while simultaneously providing you with peace of mind.


Estate planning attorneys can be found in most local areas. There are a number of online directories as well that will help you locate these professionals. Before engaging an attorney, be sure to do your research. Although it may seem like a simple process, passing away can be a stressful time for any individual. It is important that you take the time to think about what steps need to be taken in order to ensure your survival and that of your family.