Criminal Law · June 22, 2021

What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Attorney

An individual’s choice of a criminal defense lawyers Indianapolis, IN is one of the most important decisions a person makes when facing criminal charges. If the choice is not made, the person could end up in jail, and their criminal record could affect their ability to move forward in life. There are good attorneys and bad attorneys as with any profession, and some attorneys are better than others.

In some cases, attorneys use their good sales skills to convince clients to hire them and get paid. Attorneys should provide their clients with an honest and unbiased assessment of the case. How do you distinguish the good from the bad? Experienced attorneys should have a successful track record. The following factors can be used to measure success:

  • Experience
  • Client and professional peer review
  • Professional awards and association affiliations


If you need a criminal defense attorney, you should hire one with extensive experience. People frequently hire local family lawyers or those who specialize in criminal defense part-time. An attorney focused on criminal defense is normally more knowledgeable and experienced, and that experience often produces better results. Ideally, you should seek out an attorney who practices in the county where the charges will be filed.

A good lawyer will research the opposition. Scouting is why sports teams study their opponents? The objective is to identify the opponent’s weaknesses and minimize his strengths. The same is true for criminal defense lawyer work. A client’s results are improved when they know their competition.

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Reputation Matters

Potential clients can obtain referrals for criminal lawyers from friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, etc. We often receive helpful information through word-of-mouth, thereby saving us time and hassle.

You can find out what makes a law firm unique by asking around. Also, check out the reviews posted online. Various sites offer reviews at no cost, showing you our perspective on a law firm and the attorney, allowing you to make a more informed choice about how the lawyer can help you.

How Many Case Wins

Has the attorney won cases in the past? Most attorneys will have a solid number of cases won after practicing for several years. You can discuss that with your attorney.

There are multiple ways to win, such as avoiding convictions at trial, suppressing evidence at preliminary hearings, overturning convictions on appeals, and even negotiating favorable plea offers. Suppose you have a case that is similar to other cases an experienced lawyer has handled. In that case, the lawyer can compare the outcome to the case and then explain a strategy that your attorney can use to try and obtain a similar result.

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Does the Attorney Have Good Client Reviews

Almost everything they purchase is reviewed online, from electronics to toasters and coffee makers. The process of finding an attorney should be no different than anything else. Why? An excellent way of finding out if an attorney is good is to read the reviews of previous clients.

The criminal defense lawyer should discuss expectations for the resolution of the case with the client. When a lawyer meets its clients’ expectations and leaves positive reviews, the client will be satisfied with the service provided. But a company can also manipulate reviews. Unfortunately, many lawyers have their friends and family write reviews for them.

It will make sense for attorneys to provide their clients with reviews that span a time. The reviews you read should tell you if someone that the attorney hired wrote all of them within a short time, so you can question whether the service is good or not. Over a relatively long period, good criminal defense attorneys should have many positive online reviews.

Examine the Criminal Lawyers Fee Structure

Criminal defense lawyers charging hourly rates and flat fees offer different types of services. Make sure you know what the fees will be before you hire a lawyer. Lawyers set their rates. It is therefore important to compare costs when they are important. Many lawyers offer payment plans to ease the burden of costs on their clients.

Choosing a criminal defense attorney should be based on your instincts. If the lawyer seems off, continue looking for a suitable one. It would be best if you didn’t doubt yourself or second-guess this decision. It feels right to find a lawyer who will protect your rights at a time when you need help the most.

Do Not Compromise on a Criminal Defense Attorney

In choosing a Criminal Defense Attorney, you must make sure that the lawyer has the above qualities. Your lawyer should be dedicated to ensuring your rights and should be certified.